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Helping You

With Your Home Purchase

Needs & Wants

With an appreciation of what you can afford, determine your needs and wants within your home purchase price range:

  • Consider your current lifestyle as well as any lifestyle changes you foresee longer term
  • Select an urban, suburban or rural location that best serves the needs of your evolving lifestyle
  • Choose neighbourhoods in close proximity to the amenities that are most important to you like schools, shopping, entertainment, recreation and transportation
  • Consider your commute times to work, school, friends and family
  • Determine the size of home you require, such as the minimum number of bedrooms, as well as any other space requirements, like room for a home office
  • Understand the home features most important to you, such as additional bathrooms or a large yard
  • Decide on a property type that suits your lifestyle, needs and finances whether condo, townhouse, single or multi-family dwelling